just I know...
Feels like...it's will my last post here...last post and only after 2-3 months I can make new messages here.

Some new plans and new lifestyle, thats why.

P.S. Try to come back w/o bad changes (:

Magic time! 3:33 good luck for me!

2005-11-28 в 11:13 

la bella vita <3
типа твое обещанное пропадание?)ну давай типа удачи...

2005-11-30 в 02:51 

Меняйся и возвращайся. Буду ждать.:poka:

2005-12-02 в 15:59 

la bella vita <3

2006-03-14 в 18:37 

what doesn't kill us makes us wish it did.
Your last message seems so sad... Hope you return faster> I thought that the owner of such a well made diary must be as well nice)))