just I know...
I feel, that I'll leave my work place so fast, as I can, stupid people right here, just some of them nice dudes, now I got new thing, some work, much more of money there, like my in 3 times-)) It's good...well I hope that it was good (white) thing...

What about bad thing? In 3 words => It is suX...so fucking bad, as it can be, but anyways thrust me from my words, cuz I will not type it here...

It was bad thing, strange, that I can't type it...but it is...well it's will my "SecreT" thing ;)

Вопрос: What are you waiting for?
1. New Year! 
1  (12.5%)
2. Christmass :D 
0  (0%)
3. Nothing. 
0  (0%)
4. Someone. 
2  (25%)
5. Just I don't know. 
3  (37.5%)
6. Stupd vote but funny. ((= 
2  (25%)
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