Just I can't choose better job, then come here and make a post-)))

just I know...
Yea! I here! It's not End of our world, just want make one more post...well it's 3:26 AM Moscow Time, and I think, that I will not sleep tonight, trying stand up, and want go to the shop now, get something for drink, like vodka-)) Myself feels bad now...that sux guys...but need to pass this period, and wait for good changes-)))

Sorry for stupid post again, looks like tomorrow, when I see it, I'll shocked, stupid things in my head now...;)

Well gonna run away, smoke, shop, drink, and maybe I go to the some night club, if my legs will make right way for me after vodka..=))

2005-11-22 в 13:01 

Отличное решение!
Я бы с удовольствием сама в данный момент так поступила :)